Laminate Countertop Sheets

Laminate Countertop SheetRemodeling or renovating a kitchen can be done in a million ways. Some like to change everything drastically. But you don’t have to move the sink, replace the stove, reorganize the cupboards and buy the newest range hood to give the kitchen a whole new look. Changing the counter top, or just the laminate countertop sheet, can make a major difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. It’s an easy way to give your kitchen a makeover.

When do you need to change the laminate countertop sheet?
The kitchen countertop is often the eye-catcher of the kitchen. It also is the first item in the kitchen which shows usage. That’s because it is the most heavy used area. It’s the place where you prepare all your meals every day, where you bake cakes, where you (or your children) do the dishes, etcetera. No surprise that after a few years, you will find some burning marks, wine stains and some scratches. You might even discover a small crack. Once the surface of a kitchen counter top is damaged this way, bacteria will have free play. And you don’t want that to happen to your kitchen.

The advantages of a laminate counter top
What Laminate Countertop Sheets are made ofThere is an easy way to cover up these flaws: get a (new) laminate countertop sheet. Laminate countertops are mostly made from plywood cover with a thin piece of laminated strong plastic. This plastic is called HPL, high pressure laminate. For many reasons, the popularity of these types of countertops have been great for the last decades. There are a lot of practical advantages: laminate countertops are smooth and therefore easy to clean. It’s also very hygienic, because of the hard top layer. It is not expensive and it can be quickly installed in your kitchen – even by yourself if you’d like.

You cannot place hot pans and pots on a laminate countertop. Also, it is no cutting board. But you can incorporate a cutting board and a heat proof surface in the countertop. This way, the surface will stay flat and have all the features you need.

Popular styles
Laminate Countertop Sheets StylesAlso, buying a laminate countertop gives you the opportunity to give your kitchen the exact look that you like. The decorative options are infinite. You can choose the style, the color, the pattern, the design, the finishing, the types of edges. It’s even possible to combine different laminate countertops sheets in your kitchen.

Natural materials have been very popular in the kitchen in the last few years. Think about different types of wood, granite or stone. To give your kitchen this same natural look without spending too much money, laminate countertops are made in these patterns.

Budget friendly
Changing the laminate countertop sheet is a very budget-friendly way of giving your kitchen a new look. You will be surprised by all the options that a laminate countertop has and how much money you will save. It will not only increase your home comfort, but also the value of your kitchen.